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Welcome to the Kryptografima!

Parents, before completing your students' registration or logging into your parent account for the first time, please take a moment to review and agree to our site policies. 

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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy details the information we collect and how we use this information. 

MathBait™ only collects information necessary to provide users with an amazing experience and to improve our services. We never sell your information. 

Please review our Privacy Policy in full. 


Terms of Use

In using this site, you must agree to our Terms of Use. While we encourage you to read the full terms below, we will attempt to provide a brief overview of the key points. 

  • The content on this site is the property of MathBait™. Users may not copy, screenshot, download, or otherwise obtain and/or distribute any content without written permission from MathBait™. 
  • Users agree to use the site as intended and not spam or use unauthorized technologies such as bots or crawlers. 
  • There is no promise, guarantee, or warranty with the materials on this site. Should a student or parent come across a technical or content-error, we encourage you to contact us at A member of our team will review the error and address it at our earliest connivence. 
  • We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any account at our sole discretion. 

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Please review the Terms of Service in full. 


Permission to utilize live features

As described in our Privacy Policy, our site includes optional live events for students to participate in. 

The purpose of this section is to provide parents with information on these activities and allow them to "opt-in". 

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Vinculum Games & Tournaments

Throughout the year, MathBait™ will have live sessions. The purpose of these sessions are to increase engagement and allow students to show off their skills against other players. Some examples of these events are:

  • Math Contests
  • Tournaments
  • Information Sessions

Live events include sign-up forms. If parents give consent for students to participate in live events, students will be able to sign-up and parents will receive an email notifying them of the live event time, details, and instructions on how to join.   

All live events are hosted and moderated by experienced educators or educational staff. During these events students meet in our online platform and may compete against other players. Students are not permitted to share their video or audio and chats may only be sent to the educational moderator. 

If you would like your child to have access to sign up for our live events, please indicate so on the policy acceptance page. 

If at anytime in the future you wish to change these permissions, you may use your Parent Account to navigate to you student's profile and select Policies to update these settings.